Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Rain...

The forecast called for rain all day today... and they were actually right... well, mostly.

This morning started out somewhat clear, but we could see the clouds peeking over the mountains so we got out of the house while we could. Nothing too exciting, we just headed over to Candelaria again to sit in an outdoor bar/cafe for breakfast, walk around a bit, and let the boys run off some energy at the playground.

Mid-week mornings are the best time for the playgrounds because there are either no other kids or just a couple of kids which also tend to be around the boys age. This will probably change over the summer when school is out, but, for now, it's really nice. (Jaime and I get annoyed when there are too many older children on the playgrounds because they tend to be rude and pushy and their parents don't pay the least bit of attention to them or what they are doing.)

Anyhow, we enjoyed our morning in Candelaria and watched as the clouds drifted over the mountains and the rain began to fall. It was the time and the weather that sent us back home for the boys nap. The rain fell most of the afternoon and evening. Jaime went to his mom's for lunch and then had to pick our nephew up from school, while the rest of us stayed inside watching the rain, playing, coloring, and eating.

Today's photos of the rain around our apartment and the boys checking out their new "toy" from Ikea.

It looks like we might get a day or two of sunshine before the clouds and possibly rain move in again. I'm sure we will venture out...

Other thoughts:

We hope everyone had a nice St. Patty's Day. Jaime and I shared a green cerveza while eating pizza yesterday to celebrate.

Tomorrow is Father's Day here in Spain. It's a specific date instead of the third Sunday of June like in the States. I'm not sure if we will do something to celebrate or not. Maybe we will celebrate both dates, and then I will have two Mother's Days as well. Seems like a good idea since we have twins, right?

We heard our first pardela tonight. It seems they are returning for mating season already. I suppose that is appropriate as the first day of Spring is on Friday. Can you believe Spring is upon us already? Only two more months and we will have been in Tenerife for a year.

And, finally, Semana Santa is coming up in April. The towns here are already preparing and I have started hunting for Easter supplies (not an easy task) to have a cozy celebration here with my three boys. I am even thinking about letting them color a few eggs... what do you think?

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