Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wandering... and lots of pictures

Well tomorrow is Wednesday again, and here I am finally posting about last week's wanderings. The day was not as clear and sunny as it was supposed to be because of something called the "Calima." It's like a haze covering the island and is caused by a dust storm that is stirred up by high winds in the Sahara which is then driven over the Canary Islands by south easterly winds. These clouds of dust can even be seen in satellite photos like the one below. Can you see some of the Canaries? Tenerife is the one that looks like a duck.

Not the day we were expecting, but it wasn't raining so we ventured out anyhow. We decided to make it a two part Wednesday and went to Candelaria in the morning and then to the Presa Tahodio near Santa Cruz in the afternoon.

In Candelaria, we took a stroll through the streets and along the ocean, sat in a cafe for a bite to eat, and then we let the boys run, play, and flirt with girls.

It was then back to the casa for nap time & lunch and then out again for the afternoon. Jaime drove us into Santa Cruz and then, toward the end of the Avenida, he took a left turn...

The road changed from a paved "two" lane, to a paved one lane, to a narrow dirt road, until, finally, we had to park and take the rest of the route by foot. Our destination: the presa (dam) just above the "town" of Tahodio which was more of a collection of homes than what I would call an actual town. It was a beautiful walk to the dam which was built in 1916. At the time it was built, before Santa Curz was the bustling city it is today, the presa supplied water to the entire region. We wandered around the damn, fed a few ducks, and admired the scenery. I think the boys liked the ducks the best.

It was a short, but nice excursion. Perfect for the afternoon. This week (tomorrow) it's suppose to rain again... So, I'm not sure if we will be wandering or not. So you'll have to check back and see...

"The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it."
~ Patrick Young

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Cynthia said...

Beautriful pictures ... loved "the boys flirting with girls!"