Sunday, June 15, 2008

Churros and Chocolate

In Spain, churros and chocolate are a popular tradition. Fried dough/pastry with a cup of melted chocolate to dip it in, what could be better than that??

In the Ortega family, Sunday mornings are usually reserved for this specialty. Today, the boys and I joined Jaime and his parents for this yummy treat. We drove to Candelaria, a town nearby, and sat near the ocean enjoying the breeze, the company, and the churros. The boys liked the churros, but have to wait a little longer for the chocolate.

After "breakfast," Jaime's parents headed home and we took the boys for a stroll and went to see the mandatory church that every town has. This one is special though as it holds the patron saint of Tenerife.

The rest of the day we spent at the house. The boys played with spaghetti noodles for the first time, we had lunch outside with Jaime's parents, and, in the evening, we went for a walk with the boys before putting them to bed.


Amy said...

Yum, the churros and chocolate looks good!! I hope y'all had a nice Father's Day. :) Looks like the boys did great with spaghetti. I know my boys love all sorts of pasta!

cassey said...

There are days when I CRAVE CHURROS! I have to go to costco to get those but churros and chocolate?? Mmmmmmmm. Happy Father's Day!

Dayna said...

That "breakfast"...I am on the next plane to visit you. I've been trying to look at the backgrounds to see the scenery-beautiful skies, water.

Is that Jaime's parent's pool/backyard?