Monday, March 1, 2010

...And the rest of our visit with Alise (video)

Other than eating pizza, the Carnaval parade was our very first outing after Alise arrived...followed by an evening of tapas and bedtime.

The next day, we had a nice morning with breakfast near the ocean including churros and chocolate. The late afternoon/evening brought heavy rains and strong much so, that businesses closed, festivities were postponed, and the Canarian government urged people to stay in their homes....

The rest of our week was either cloudy with a chance of rain, or sunny and beautiful. We spent our time hanging out, watching movies, shopping, eating, visiting Loro Parque, basking in the sun & playing at a beach in the South, enjoying the Parque GarcĂ­a Sanabria, and hiking and exploring the Taganana Mountains.

We also had one failed attempt to see the snow on the Teide followed by a more successful attempt a few days later, as well as a failed attempt (flat tire) to spend another day in the South followed by a visit to Playa Las Teresitas which is much closer.

Overall it was a busy and eventful visit. We're glad the sun decided to show its face at least once or twice so that Alise could bring a semi tan "home" to cold and snowy Chester, England. Now, it's back to life as "usual."

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Erin said...

Great video. Looks like you enjoyed the visit with Alise! I LOVED the video of Connor running towards and then away from the waves, that cracked me up. Also, those churos and chocolate looked divine ( lol, even all over Connor and Alex's face)