Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Village of Masca (Video)

Masca is a picturesque village of about 80 inhabitants on the Northwest side of Tenerife. Until somewhat recently, it was referred to as the forgotten village because it was very difficult to get to due to inadequate roads. It still took us over and hour and a half to drive the 50+ miles through windy mountain roads. It's an excursion we've been meaning and meaning to do, but we just never wanted to spend all that time in the car...until this past weekend.

It's an area of deep ravines interlaced with lush green flora. On this particular day, we could even see the island of La Gomora from the top. Visitors can make the 3+ hour hike down the ravine to the Bay of Masca (thought to be an old pirate hideaway), and then catch a boat from there to the Port in Los Gigantes. Obviously, we didn't take that hike when we were there...but we did enjoy a yummy patio lunch and then walked around enough to exhaust the boys.

Since the boys fell asleep too early on the way back down, we decided to stop at a beach to let them run off a little more energy before completing the trip. It was a tiring but fun and beautiful day (the pictures don't do it justice, but it's better than nothing).


eliza said...

I just have to add that, once I took a tour bus to Masca, and the roads are so windy that we had to use reverse SIX times on our way out of town.

Erin said...