Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Santa Cruz Carnival Coso 2010 (Video)

Okay, so much for keeping up with the blog while my cousin was in town! Even though we had a few days of not so great weather, we did manage to keep ourselves pretty busy during her 9 day stay. She heads back to England and her studies maybe I can get caught up on everything now.

We'll start with finishing up our view of this year's Carnaval. Alise arrived in Tenerife last Tuesday...just hours before the Carnaval daytime Coso (Parade), and we got there just before the action began and with enough time to still score some decent seats.

The boys had a great time watching, playing, dancing, and catching (eating) tons of candy...We all "sat" through most of the parade before wandering up the street a bit to take in more sights and grab a bite to eat.

The last of the 4+ hour parade was passing by just as we called it a night and headed back to the car. We did our very best to condense all that entertainment into this under 10 minute video. Hope you enjoy!

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Amber said...

great video! i love the boys dancing and the lady flashing her butt. ha!