Saturday, January 16, 2010

Loro Parque

We first went to Loro Parque in October of 2008...and we enjoyed it so much we bought season passes. Then they started to build their new exhibit, Katandra Treetops, and we watched and waited and hoped it would open before our passes expired...and it did, except it was two days AFTER we left for our fall trip to the States. As luck would have it, our passes also expired while we were away on our trip...

So, we went back a couple days ago to visit the animals, see the new exhibit, and renew our passes for another year. Yes, we like the park that much. We like not having to "rush" to try and fit everything in on a one day ticket, and we like being "forced" to go back several times a year. It is also great to watch how the park changes each time for the boys as they continue to grow and become more and more aware of everything around them. Here's a video from Friday's visit:

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