Friday, January 29, 2010

Anything exciting going on here??

Yes and no....

It seems the "real" potty training has begun, and, so, we have been sticking close to home these days (more than usual).

Yep, this is going to be a potty post.

The boys actually semi-started training shortly after we returned from the States. Once they were back in the swing of things at school, the teachers had us bring them with undies over their diapers. Then, they would go diaperless while at school using the potty when they needed to go (coached by the staff, of course). Then, the teachers would put them back in diapers when we came to pick them up. We were suppose to let them go diaperless as often as possible at home too, but, for the most part, things (real or imagined) kept getting in the way....Potty training can be a lot of tiring work.

Then, about a week ago. We picked up the boys from school and Ms. Rosy told us that the next school day they were to come in undies only and they would be leaving in undies as well. Um, scary! Our first thought was how we would manage to get them from school to home without an accident in the car...

We enjoyed our last couple days of diapers, and then, along with school, started the "undies only except for sleeping policy." We started with a timer, sticker charts, M&M's (or "em a lems" as the boys call them), and plenty of prompting...and, overall, it hasn't been too bad. Of course there have been plenty of accidents, mostly of the messier variety, but they seem to be doing really well.

Their main issues are going when they are busy doing something fun or interesting, and telling us when they need to go if we aren't at home. We carry a little portable potty when we do head out for short errands (and for school pick-up), and we still provide more prompting than is probably necessary, but maybe...just maybe we'll have two daytime potty trained boys very soon. Then we can start venturing a little further from home...just maybe.

"It's all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you're properly trained." ~ Queen Elizabeth II

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Amy said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job! It's nice that you have school to help in the process! You are soon going to LOVE having no diapers!! And the extra money that comes with it!