Wednesday, January 13, 2010

¡feliz año nuevo! (Video)

A couple of weeks have passed since New Year's Eve, but I wanted to get this post in before we hit mid-January.....It's almost mid-January?!?! Wow, before I know it, we'll be planning the boys 3rd birthday party.....

Anyhow, we had party at our place again this year to celebrate the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. The boys helped us with decoration quality control, but then went to bed at their usual time so Mom and Dad could enjoy the festivities.

Our friends Eliza and Sergio brought baby Elliot, Jaime's sister and brother came along with their families, two of Jaime's cousins and their family attended, and, of course, Jaime's Mom was there! It was a full apartment patio!! We had lots of good food, good wine, and good fun.

Just before midnight we all gathered around the TV to count down the New Year and eat our 12 lucky grapes, then a champagne toast, more fireworks, and more hanging out...until Jaime and I finally got to bed around 4:00am....Unfortunately, our little alarm clocks still work us up at 8:00am, but at least they "helped" us clean while we all enjoyed the concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra playing on TV. Looks like the Vienna concert just might become a New Year's Day tradition!

And now, here we are...almost mid-January of a brand new year. I wonder what 2010 holds in store for all of us?? Guess we'll just enjoy one day at a time and find out!!

"Cheers to a new year and another chance
for us to get it right." ~Oprah Winfrey


Amy said...

Looks like it was a fun party! And what adorable little helpers! ;)

Erin said...

LOVE!!!!I especially like the picture of you in the middle of the boys with the party horns. The running around in the tablecloths was really sweet too! I loved all of it! Miss you.