Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Randomness

I just thought we would post some random things from our weekend. Overall, it wasn't very interesting. Most of the time we hung out at home and played with the boys, or did things that might resemble chores or surfing the internet.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Ikea to get out of the house and to look for some items to decorate the yoga/exercise room I am creating. While we were there, Jaime's mom called to say she and Jaime's dad were going for coffee in Santa Cruz... we weren't exactly dressed for going anywhere other than Ikea, but we went to join them anyhow.

Jaime and I had decaf coffee while the boys shared a ham and cheese sandwich and we all enjoyed our view of the port. There was a big Italian cruise ship, the MSC Fantasia, that happened to be departing while we were there. It is easy to forget that we are in a place that people come on vacation and many cruise ships have as a port of call.

For the most part, Sunday was a lazy bum around the house day too. Late in the afternoon we decided we all needed to get out for a bit and we took the boys to Candelaria. Apparently everyone else had the same idea because there were all sorts of people in the streets, the cafes, and the playgrounds. We took a stroll to the plaza, bought some pastries, stopped at the playground for awhile, and then were lured into the churro and chocolate "stand" before going back home.

Back at the house, Connor decided he had people to call...

Then it was a late dinner, P.J.'s, teeth brushing, and bedtime. Another weekend becomes a memory and another week begins...

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