Sunday, June 29, 2008

Teeth and more Teeth

My niece, Landri, just lost her first tooth today. I hope the tooth fairy brings her something good. They made a video to share the occasion with us and we chatted on the phone for a bit. I told her I would write a post with some pictures and video of the boys before she went to bed... so, here it is:

It was just a "regular" Sunday today. The boys were napping this morning during churros and chocolate, so Jaime brought some back home for me, yum!! We pretty much hung out around the house the rest of the day, we had lunch with his parents on the patio upstairs, in the evening we went to the neighboring town for a walk and some ice cream (I had milk free gelato so the boys could try it), and then we watched Spain win the Euro Cup. Go Spain!!

Connor is walking all over the place these days. We bought them a "walking" toy last week, and, after a day, he just started walking like crazy. He does really well unless he is tired, then he falls a lot. He is now breaking two more bottom teeth, so he will have 8 teeth soon. We finally got a picture of Alex's lower teeth today just as he is starting to break the top ones. The boys are also working on "waving" hello/hola. Connor does it a little more frequently, but we haven't been able to capture it on video yet.

Connor couldn't figure out where to put the third duck, so in his mouth it went!


cassey said...

I can't believe the boys are walking at 10 months...You go Connor and Alex!!!

Dayna said...

Love the rubber ducky photo and capture, precious!