Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fishy, Fishy

Today we went to Jaime's brother and sister-in-law's, Arturo & Reyes, house for a late lunch and some hanging out. The boys got to explore a new place and play with a bunch of new toys that their cousin, Samuel, shared with them. Of course, with all those choices, Connor loved a golf ball and Alex like eating the grass.

We also got to take the boys swimming for the first time!! The pool where we are living still is not ready for us, so we tested the waters at Arturo's place. He has a nice warm pool and the boys seemed to enjoy themselves. They splashed, kicked, jumped, and drank the water...they were cute little fish.

We hope you enjoy the video and pictures.


Amy said...

Love that Alex was eating grass! How funny! Great pictures and videos! Miss you guys!

cassey said...

Always love videos! "Don't move the camera too much..." <---hehe How's the weather at this time of the year?