Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

They don't exactly celebrate America's Independence here, but we had our own little celebration anyhow. All the boys wore their "I love America" outfits, we went swimming, and then we had cheese burgers, fries, Coca Cola, ice cream and apple pie. Almost doesn't get any more American than that. Tomorrow, Jaime might even go get us some fireworks for our own display.


Dayna said...

Your boys are just so adorable, I can't help but have a huge grin everytime you post photos of them.

Your 4th of July was more American than probably most of the population here. Did Jaime's family enjoy the all American cuisine?

Amy said...

Happy belated 4th! I love that you celebrated it in Spain...sounds like it was perfect!! Love the pics as always! :D