Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alex is growing up!!

Well, not too much exciting today. We mostly hung around the house and then took the boys for a walk in the evening.

However, yesterday was a tiny bit more interesting...

First, Alex is finally breaking his front bottom teeth!! His adorable toothless grin is about to have some pearly whites! We'll be posting pictures as soon as there is enough to see on "film." Alex is also really working hard at trying to crawl with his tummy off the floor, but he usually "gives up" and does the much faster "army" crawl.

Just a recent picture of Alex as it seems almost unfair to have one of Connor and not Alex:

Second, Connor took another great fall right into the corner of the door frame. Just as his old bruise was disappearing, he marked his face with a nice long line from mid cheek to forehead. He continues to work on his walking skills and has also added climbing to his repertoire.

And finally, Jaime's sister came over to babysit in the evening and Jaime and I got to go on a bit of a "date." We drove into Santa Cruz and walked around town. We ran a couple errands (just little ones), sat down in a park cafe and enjoyed a soda, and then went for some tapas before heading back home. It was nice and the boys seemed to have had a pretty good time as well. I didn't' want to look like a tourist, so I only got a couple pictures. I will take more as we are out more.

Here is a quick picture of our drive into Santa Cruz:

And a picture of one of the walking streets:

Oh, and one more picture. This was our breakfast today. Jaime's mom frequently makes this this "breakfast cake" called Bizcocho... and often we score some for ourselves. Here is our Bizcocho and coffee:

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cassey said...

Tapas and Bizcocho are also filipino foods!