Sunday, August 21, 2011

Highland Village Balloon Festival

So, there was this small balloon festival that we weren't sure we wanted to go to. The thought of waking up the boys on purpose didn't sound especially appealing for a Saturday morning. So we told the boys that, if they happened to wake up early, we would go and see some hot air balloons.....

Little did I realize that Alex would wake up at 2:00 in the morning asking to sleep with me so that he wouldn't miss the balloons!! Then it was Connor's turn. He work up sometime between 2:00 and 6:00am concerned about the same thing. I told them I would set my alarm and make sure everyone was awake.

6:00 in the morning came much too quickly for my taste and I remained unconvinced that waking my sleeping children was a good idea. I decided that I would sneak into their room and whisper that anyone who wanted to see balloons needed to wake up. Alex immediately hopped out of bed and ran down the hallway with Connor not far behind. And so it was decided that we would attend the Highland Village Balloon Festival.

We dressed and grabbed a few bananas and headed out. When we arrived, we found a good spot for our picnic blanket and then enjoyed a pancake and burrito breakfast while watching the balloons. After they all took off, it was time to play with our free Smoky Bear Frisbees for a bit before checking out the car "show" and then some of the vendors. Once it started to get too hot and there wasn't much going on, we headed toward the house stopping along the way for some homemade ice cream, lunch, and a little shopping.

It turned out to be a great Saturday morning and everyone even took an afternoon nap!! Guess that's the bonus of waking your kids up before the sun.

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