Friday, August 19, 2011

A Day with Trev & Family

My brother Trevor is in transition from one job to another and found himself with a few days off. He mentioned wanting to stop by and see our house before he starts training next week, and somehow that quickly turned into all of us going to Hawaiian Falls together. What Fun!!

Molly, Trev and the kids are season ticket holders and wanted to check out a different location as a little day-stay-cation before Trev starts working again and the kids head back to school. How lucky that they not only invited us, but they had free buddy passes as well. They picked the Roanoke location which is the newest park and looked like it had some pretty cool rides. It was a compact and totally fun place. We spent the day sliding, climbing, riding the waves, floating (flying) around the lazy river, getting soaked, eating, and mostly staying cool.

Even though the days are still over 100 degree mark, most of the places to cool off are closing down during the weekdays and will be closed for the season after Labor Day weekend.  How nice that we got to finish out the "Summer" with some of the Schreier's. They never did get to come by and see the house, but I guess that's okay since they'll be here next weekend for the boys 4th birthday party ;o)

Because of all the water, I wasn't able to get many photos or videos, but here's a compilation of what we did get:

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