Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Halloween (Video)

Yei!! I'm finally tot he Halloween post!!! My goal is to catch up on our blog before Christmas...

So...our first full day in WI was on Halloween. Papa's niece (and my third cousin), Billy Joe, invited us to her house and neighborhood for some trick-or-treating. When we arrived she had a fabulous spread laid out for lunch and bags and bowls of candy and treats for her trick-or-treaters.

After we ate a little lunch, Jaime and I took the boys out to beg for candy while Papa and BJ hung out at her house to hand out candy. It was a REALLY cold day (especially for us non-northerners)!!!

Once the boys figured out they got candy at each house, they kept asking for "mo candy??" We went down the block and around the corner before we just got too cold and had to return to BJ's house. Everyone thought Winnie and Tigger were super cute, and we just had to agree. Thanks BJ for a wonderful Halloween!!!

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Amber said...

These videos are so cool! I just tried making one the other day and I love how easy it is.