Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Potty for Me!!!

Okay, we aren't exactly potty training yet...but, today, Connor went pee pee in the big potty!!! He just randomly asked to sit on the potty, and, surprise, he went!! Yei Connor!!!

At daycare, once the kids turn two, potty training begins....Well, normally, that is. Since we are heading to the States for 7 weeks, our training start date will be delayed until our return. We have also been meaning to get them potty chairs at home for awhile now, but have only managed to get a toilet ring so far. Both boys have tried it out and will occasionally sit on it to go pretend potty. Until today.....

Connor was SO excited about the "agua" that came out, that he wanted to try again and was a bit hard to explain that "agua" doesn't just come out all the time....but that didn't stop him from sitting and waiting for awhile anyhow.

Of course Alex wanted to potty too, so he sat and waited and waited and waited. Nothing exciting for him, except Connor waiting with him and reading to him while he tried. I didn't get a picture of Connor, but we got this one instead:


Amy said...

Cool! Go boys! My advice would be to just stick with the potty ring on the big potty. It's much easier (I think) for them to learn that way and not have to transition from a little potty. Plus, it stinks (literally!) to clean the little potty all the time - no messes to clean with the big potty!!

eliza said...

I LOVE the little leaves you put over their swimsuit parts!