Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Boys at 2 years old...

Well, we had our two year check-up and all looks well. They didn't get any immunizations yet though, because the two year one here is optional which means you need to pick it up at the pharmacy before your appointment. Obviously we didn't know that. It is the final booster for an immunization they started in the States, so we will go back next week and get it. There is also an optional chicken pox shot they should have been offered at 15 months (but our regular pedi was on maternity leave) so we will pick that up at the pharmacy and bring it with us as well. The doctor said all looks good and they are meeting or exceeding their age appropriate abilities. And, so, here are their "stats:"

Alex is 32.68 inches (2.72ft) tall and 25.22 pounds.

Connor is 35.24 inches (2.94 feet) and 31.1 pounds.

I was looking at old pictures of the boys, and it's amazing how much they have grown and changed in some ways, and how, in others, they haven't.

They are both very friendly, thoughtful, and quite helpful. They will carry things to another room or to the table, help pick things up (not usually their toys though), and bring you things they think you might need. They love to wave and say "hola" and "bye-bye" and blow kisses to friends, family, and strangers. They will offer a kiss, a hug, a drink of water, or a teddy bear when you need one. And, man, do they give the sweetest kisses and the best hugs!!!

Connor can count to ten in Spanish (often forgetting siete) and to five in English. Alex can count as well, but never on demand. They both can sing bits of the alphabet song, although I think they prefer "The Wheels on the Bus." They can recognize the written letter "O," the letter "S," and sometimes the letter "P." They have a good mix of English and Spanish words that they know, and sometimes even make up heir own Spanglish terms like "shoepato." They are both excellent at taking off their shoes and can even put them back on, although sometimes not on the right feet. Alex's favorite toy at the moment is pretty much any ball, and Connor loves puzzles.

Other things they like:
  • Dirt, sand, water, rocks, and bugs
  • Throwing things, especially off the patio
  • Helicopters and airplanes
  • Birds
  • Bridges, tunnels, and windmills
  • Running, jumping, and climbing
  • Swimming
  • Riding their bikes and cars
  • Drawing, especially on themselves
It's fun to watch them learn, explore, discover, and grow. It's amazing how much a baby changes in only two years...from a totally dependent and helpless little thing to a walking, talking, "I can do it myself" little person. They are so much fun and I can only imagine it getting better....until maybe they are teenagers, of course ;o) So, onward, to year three!!

"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again." ~Elizabeth Lawrence

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eliza said...

You are such a good documentarialist (is that a word?). I hope I can be a quarter as good as you are.