Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a Weekend!

Just like back in the States, it seems we either have a bunch going on all at once or nothing happening at all... this past weekend was one of those busy ones.

We have a couple of American friends (Dede and Wendy) that happened to be in China over the 4th of July weekend and didn't get a chance to celebrate. So Dede decided to have a belated US Independence Day potluck party at her place last Saturday. Just like our 4th party, it was a nice mix of Spain and the States. Dede made paella, salad, and sangria, Wendy made falafael and hummus, and we brought flan and snickerdoodles. Other guests, some of which were also American, brought things like brownies, cupcakes, pizza, spanish tortilla, lemonade, croquettes, etc. Needless to say, no one went hungry.

The boys also had a great time. They explored Dede's beautiful house and garden complete with a cat, two dogs, some chickens, and a fish pond. They played and read with their new friend Raffaella... and they ate plenty of food. Considering they decided not to nap that day AND we kept them out until 9:00pm, they did really, really well. Oh, and the big bonus, we all got to see the end of a firework show in our neighborhood when we arrived back home. They were the boy's first real fireworks, and they "oooo'ed," "ahhhh'ed," and "woooow'ed" just like pros. It was a fantastic Saturday evening.....

Followed by a wonderful Sunday...

Our American friend, Eliza, and her Spanish husband, Sergio, invited us to spend the day in their neck of the woods further South on the island. They had seen a sign for funnel cakes the last time they went to the beach and thought it would be a fun (and yummy) thing for a couple of Americans and their families to do.

So, we met Eliza at the beach in the morning and hung out there for awhile before joining Sergio back at their apartment. At their place, Eliza made the boys their first Kraft Mac and Cheese and then set them up like kings to eat in front of the TV while watching cartoons!! Next, the adults gathered at the table to indulge in a delicious array of offerings. They made (among other things) gazpacho, spanish tortilla, and spinach dip, and then had plates of different cheeses, chorizo, serrano, and other yumminess. We stuffed ourselves silly and then retired to the couch to play with the wii and the wii fit while the boys took a little nap.

Later in the evening we headed out for the aforementioned funnel cakes... only to discover the restaurant had returned the machine and decided to stop making them. We were a bit disappointed, but quickly recovered by having some gelato while overlooking the ocean. I know, summer can be really tough here...

Alas, it was late (again) and we still had to drive at least 30 minutes back home... so we said farewell and ended our busy and fun weekend.

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."
~ Sam Keen

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