Sunday, March 29, 2009


So...remember that beautiful, clear, Spring day we were promised???? Are you wondering if it happened? Nope...still raining. Ahhh, but don't worry, the weatherman says we can bet our bottom dollar that the sun WILL come out tomorrow... and maybe even Tuesday!!! And then the rain will come again starting on Wednesday. Well, let's see if the weatherman is right this time...

The good thing about having more rain than anyone on this island can remember, is that the plants are LOVING it. We live on a volcanic rock and our area is usually pretty brown, but, with all the precipitation, it is a nice shade of green. Even Jaime stares in awe at the pretty hills. We also have all sorts of things "popping" up in our planters. Here is a beautiful Arum Lily that is growing off our front entry just in time for Semana Santa.

And, of course, the rain also brings rainbows when the sun manages to peek through. Jaime caught a picture of this one just outside our front gate.

We did drive to the South of the island again yesterday to escape the rain and clouds, but I will have to post about that another day. We heard that the Teide is full of snow again, so we might just try to head up there tomorrow if the weather looks okay. So, until the next post, remember:

"Rainbows apologize for angry skies." ~Sylvia Voirol

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