Tuesday, March 31, 2009

La Playa

When the weatherman gets things wrong, yet again, there are two ways in Tenerife to "escape" the overcast and rainy skies. The first one, which you are probably already aware of, is to head south... and that's exactly what we did this past weekend.

This time we went to the very popular tourist area of Las Americas. We found a parking spot, loaded the boys into the stroller and then we strolled... and strolled. They have an excellent ocean front walkway stretching from Las Americas to Los Cristianos which is a couple of miles away. It is lined with man made beaches, cafes, bars, restaurants, and lots and lots of shops.
We almost walked all the way to Los Cristianos, but decided to stop in a little bar for una caƱa or two. The waiter was very friendly and chatted with Jaime almost the entire time we were there. The boys liked him as well because he gave them each two lollipops which they gobbled up.

After enjoying our beer and hanging out for a bit, we let the boys loose on the beach. They ran and played and used up tons of energy before we all started walking back to our car. We enjoyed a nice stroll back as the sun set on another day.

It was pretty late once we arrived at the car so we opened up our traveling cafe, fed the boys dinner, changed them into their PJ's and then drove back to Tabaiba. When we got home, the boys were sound asleep and we successfully transferred them into their beds and called it a night.

Oh, but what is the second way to escape the gloomy weather you ask??? You might have a good idea if you've been reading the blog... but, that will have to wait until the next post.

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