Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Schmeekend

This past weekend was a nice and relaxing one, but also a busy one. I think the boys had the most fun and they got to stay up past their bed time two nights in a row...

Saturday afternoon/evening we had another birthday party to attend for our nephew, Nicolas, who turned 6 on the 5th. It was a small casual affair at Jaime' s sister, Nuria's, place. Just like last weeks party, there was a low table filled with goodies for the kids and (just like last week) Alex & Connor headed straight for it!! If people didn't know better, they might think we starve our boys!! The kids played, the grown-ups chatted, everyone ate cake, and then the night pretty much ended with the breaking of the piƱata. I think those who attended had a great time.

Happy 6th Birthday Nicolas!

On Sunday, Nuria (and her husband Luis) invited us to join them and their kids at their apartment in the South of Tenerife. Jaime drove especially slow on the way down so the boys could sleep (which they sort of did) and we arrived around 1:00. While all four kids played, the adults had a great leisurely lunch (yummy leftover food from the birthday party) and chatted.

Afterward, we went for a walk around the adjoining nature preserve and shoreline, played at the park, the boys ate some sand, and touched a sea star.

Eventually, it started getting late and everyone was tired, so we had to head home. And there you have it, our Weekend Schmeekend!

"Learn to pause… or nothing worthwhile
will catch up to you." ~ Doug King

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ScriptioContinua said...

Looking at the photo of the two them close together, I see this: Connor looks like his dad. Alex looks like his mom. It is so clear in this picture!!