Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wandering Wednesday - V

One of the great things about living in a touristy location is that, whenever you want, you get to be, or pretend to be, a tourist. This was one of the many wonderful things about living in Northern California, it was one of the neat things about Portugal, and it is one of the nice things about Tenerife. Of course our touristy selves have changed a bit now that we have two pint sized people in tow, but it's still fun.

We really didn't plan much for today's wandering. We mentioned it to each other last night, but that was about it. Then, this morning over coffee, we thought about it again... by the time we came up with an idea, it was already nap time for the boys. So, we decided to just let them sleep at home instead of trying to quickly get them ready, change them, and pack the 101 items needed for a full day adventure.

While the cruise ships dock in the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz, the island basically has two major tourist areas. The South (around Playa de las Américas), where the British primarily go on holiday, and then the North (around Puerto de la Cruz) where more Germans tend to go on vacation. We decided to head to the North just to take a stroll.
There are many plazas, cafes and restaurants, there are tons of shops filled with everything from tacky souvenirs to surf gear to electronics, there are walking streets waiting to be explored, there are beaches and pools, there are old buildings and new, and, of course, there are loads of hotels. When we visit Puerto, I always feel like we are "somewhere else." This evening, we just meandered around town, admired the ocean, people watched, stopped to let the boys play for a bit, and then grabbed a couple goodies from a pastelería before hurrying back home to feed the boys and get them to bed...only a "little" past their bedtime.

Hmmm.....wonder what we'll do next Wednesday???


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as always awesome pics!

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that was me