Thursday, February 26, 2009

To Wander or Not to Wander...

Jaime had a plan for our outing yesterday, but then it rained... So, we thought we would try again today and make our Wandering Wednesday a Traveling Thursday....

The morning looked clear and perfect, if you looked out our back window...But out the front, the skies looked much more cloudy and gray...and, not long after breakfast, it rained again. It rained on and off all day and then poured and thundered all evening. So, we wandered around the house today doing house stuff and playing with the boys. Maybe we will get to wander next Wednesday instead...

On another note, we have been attending some Carnaval events and plan on going to a couple more if the weather cooperates, and then I will do a full report. In the meantime, I leave you with a few random pictures from the past couple weeks:

Balloon play and eating ice:

Making a mess on the patio, the boys love to take rocks out of the planters and either eat them or throw them all over the place:

"Battle Wounds" from a trip to the playground, and Connor's pseudo Carnaval costume:

And finally, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles...POP! (Look close, can you see the "splash" from the bubble Alex just popped?)

"Your imagination is the true magic carpet."
~ Norman Vincent Peale


Cynthia Edwards said...

Dear Jaime and Tricia,

I have more fun reading your blog! Thanks for keeping it up to date. The adventures and photos are just wonderful. Love the quotes at the bottom of each entry too - very creative!


Amy said...

Adorable pictures. I especially love the first one of Connor and Alex - it really captures their personalities!