Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Build it and they will come...

We have been thinking of getting the boys a sandbox since their first birthday back in August. We never got them one then, and we didn't see them in the stores once summer was over. So, our poor little babies were still without a sandbox of their own...awwwww!!!!!

Well, I recently started thinking about it once again. Jaime suggested that we just make a sand box out of the inflatable pool we bought them last year, and, of course he said "why buy sand, when you live on an island?" So, the other day, we finally went and acquired a few bags. The bags have been sitting on our patio, unopened, until this past Sunday...

While the boys were happily playing on their little playground:

Jaime got the pool out, re-inflated it, and poured in our small stash. The boys immediately jumped in and started playing with, and, of course, eating the sand. Clearly we need a few more bags to fill the pool and make it a "proper" sandbox, but we will tackle that project soon. Then the boys will have the coolest black sand sandbox ever!

The boys played on and off in the sandbox for awhile, and then it started to rain. So, they played in the rain a bit and on the playground a little more... and then, wet, sandy, and a little bit cold, we took them to the bathtub to clean off and warm up. Pretty soon we'll never have to leave our patio!!

"The true object of all human life is play."
~ G.K. Chesterton

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The Garcia-Dutro Family said...

They are so adorable. They´ll probably be the only kids in town with a black sand sand box.