Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday "Drive" - Punta del Hildalgo

Yesterday we went with some of Jaime's family on a little excursion to the Punta del Hidalgo on Tenerife's North side. We had another beautiful weather day, with a lovely drive, great vistas, good food, and yummy dessert.

We stopped at an overlook and admired the mountains and the ocean. We thought of going on a short walk, but our boys were sleeping and we were all getting hungry. The original plan was to eat at the local fish market, but we followed our noses to a restaurant we had passed along the way instead. Although service was extremely slow and our food came out of the kitchen quite randomly, it was still tasty and the company and conversation good.

After lunch, we headed to a nearby place, Cafe Melita, for coffee and dessert. It's a cozy place with a great view, gourmet coffees, and an array of tempting desserts. It was a sweet finish to our Sunday "drive." Here is the view from the cafe:

On our way home, we were reminded that it is winter here in Tenerife which means it's the "cold" and "rainy" season. It's difficult not to notice the effect all our recent precipitation has had on the island:

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."
~ William Shakespeare

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