Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hodge Podge - Lots o' Pictures

We haven't been up to a whole lot lately so we will report on a bunch of little things instead.

My Spanish classes began this week. The Education Authority didn't approve the intensive course, so I go to go to school Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Fridays. The Authority did not send the school all the teachers it needed, but we have our teacher for Spanish. I guess the school didn't want to delay things any further. So far it's very basic... the alphabet, Spanish sounds, and some vocabulary.

About a week ago we received a box from the States with various items we were in need of. One being Sippy Cups for the boys. We then picked a day, put away all the bottles, and switched to the cups. Cold Turkey. We were worried the boys wouldn't eat much while they learned, but they did beautifully!! Jaime and I were prepared for days of whining, starving babies, but it just never happened. Whew! They didn't skip a beat and are eating and drinking like champs. So far we haven't found anything they won't eat and they are even attempting to feed themselves with a spoon...

Also in the box were the wonderful Swimways Baby Spring Floats. These are much better floats than we were using and the boys seem to like them as well. They are not EU approved so we couldn't buy them here. We like them because they are more comfortable for the boys, harder to tip, have a sun shade, and they keep the boys closer to the water.

Other than that, we have been mostly hanging out. Playing with bubbles, balls, household stuff and toys, going to the park, and watching hang gliders go by our apartment. We stopped at the beach last Sunday after breakfast and the boys had fun collecting rocks. We also went to lunch with the family to celebrate Jaime's brother, Arturo's, birthday.

If the Spanish consulate in California ever sends our matrimony papers here, I will be able to officially get my ID and then we will do more stuff (residents with an ID get half off just about everything and we like to save money). So, until next time...We're outta here!

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~Lao Tzu

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Amy said...

I'm so glad they did well with the cold turkey switch to sippy cups!! Yea!!

I can't believe how grown up they've become in the last month - look at Alex walking and climbing!

They are adorable! We can't wait to see you guys in a few months. :)