Thursday, July 31, 2008

A bit of this and that

We really don't do a whole bunch here from day to day, but it seems there are always so many pictures to share... maybe it's because we have started taking longer and longer to actually post, or perhaps it's because we just take too many pictures?? (and to think we've only shared a "few")

Well, we went grocery shopping again this week and checked out the other giant store, Al Campo. The place is so huge that they have 75 check out lanes which they have to open on most evenings. Among other things, we bought diapers and formula... again! Boy, are we looking forward to the transition to regular milk in just over a month. The diapers, however, will probably be around a bit longer. I'm sure the boys don't mind as they really like playing with the boxes!

We also went out and purchased some pit balls to try and keep the boys busy and entertained. It's amazing how annoying two bored kids can be. They found the toy tub to be rather interesting as well... for about 5 minutes.

We spent an evening walking along the Paseo in the neighboring town of Las Caletillas... it's where we take the boys when they need to get out of the house. This time we made them do the walking...

Speaking of walking... Alex has been practicing and practicing. He likes to push the stroller and walk behind his push toy, but hasn't tried a first step on his own yet. He has started letting go and will stand until he falls. Jaime was trying to capture a picture of him standing and got a great shot of him falling instead.

On Sunday, we let the boys check out another playground near where we have churros and chocolate. This playground had some toys that were just the right size.

Another thing we did on Sunday was go to a baptisim lunch. Jaime's cousin's son was baptized in the morning and then they had a celebration lunch in the afternoon which we all attended. The boys got all dressed up in their buton down shirts... and we never even got a family photo!

On the way to the lunch, we got delayed by a town party and parade. We had to wait for the bull drawn floats to pass by and for the street sweepers to clean up the "mess" before traffic was allowed through. We weren't quick enough to grab a photo, but it was a neat sight.

After lunch, Jaime's cousin Paco invited several family members up to his house in the mountains. He has a very charming house built into the hill. The adults hung out on the patio while the children played. Alex and Connor got to "play" with a puppy and explore and Connor got yet another bump on his head. It was a lovely evening and we made sure to get the boys home before they turned into pumpkins. We were all very tired after a long day.

The view from Paco's house:

A pretty wall of flowers along the drive:

Okay, so that's all!! Whew! I will try to either post more often or take fewer pictures....maybe!

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