Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Dino Turkey Day!!!

We've been trying to go to Glen Rose and Dinosaur Valley all year. Between the weather and us being under the weather, we didn't get to take the trip until this past Thanksgiving. We headed out on Wednesday afternoon and spent four nights exploring the area.

We stayed at America's Best Value Inn. Not a 5 star hotel, but it was comfortable and the boys were treated like VIP's all weekend long. They swam, stayed up late watching Wipe Out, got their art work hung on the walls at the front desk, ate Texas shaped waffles every morning adorned with jelly and fruit loops while watching cartoons they aren't allowed to watch at home.

We explored Big Rocks Park three times (the boys FAVORITE), Dinosaur Valley State Park, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (twice), and Dino World. We ate at the Loco Coyote and Hammond's BBQ, which were both good in their own way. They are two MUST visit eating establishments when visiting Glen Rose.

We saw genuine dinosaur tracks, hiked at least 5 miles, and had a scenic picnic lunch at the State Park. The boys got to drive my car though the Wildlife Park and thought that was almost better than feeding the giraffes from our car. We learned about dinosaurs and sifted for fossils at Dino World, and the boys each took home a shark's tooth and a couple other random fossils of their choosing.

We had a great weekend even though we ended up having Sonic for Thanksgiving, as it was the only reasonably priced joint open in town that day.

Glen Rose is a nice little place. We would totally head back for Big Rocks Park, Fossil Rim, and camping at Dinosaur Valley. If we go in the summer I think we will add in some canoeing or kayaking on the river, and possibly even some horseback riding. The boys certainly had a blast and are already asking for a return trip.

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