Monday, May 9, 2011

Could it be??

Well, Jaime started working for a company in Las Colinas called Terremark almost a month ago. He's still settling in, and hopes to have his own customer or two soon. So far he seems to really like it.

Just before he began his new job, we moved into a temporary apartment in Irving so that we would be closer to Las Colinas. It's a three bedroom and they have a great pool, plus it's a VERY short commute for Jaime, so we are enjoying ourselves here while we look for a house.

It seems like we've been looking at houses since before Christmas, although I'm pretty confident we didn't start until sometime after that. We've looked at tons and tons of houses on-line, and, as I'm sure our realtor would agree, we seen many, many, many houses in person. While we've found a couple that we liked, none have really worked out for us....until now.

Last week we decided to look at a house that was a bit older than we originally wanted and that needs a little more work than we originally wanted to put into a house. We liked it. It's still close to Jaime's work, and, with a little negotiation, we were able to settle on a price. The inspector came out today, and, for the most part, everything looks good. So, we are moving forward!!

Can you believe the traveling gypsies might actually settle down for a little bit? Ha!! We can't either!!! Here's a sneak peak at the house we just might get:


Erin said...

Looks great!! Lots of space and storage too. I am so excited for you!!

Amy said...

Love it! I hope it all works out!

Tiffany said...

The house looks beautiful and it seems like it has a great feel to it. Good luck!! I hope you guys get it!!

Amber said...

OMG Trish that is a palace!!! Keep us posted!