Monday, March 7, 2011

Where have we been?

I knew we hadn't posted in awhile, and I actually had a couple posts in draft status....and I'd been meaning and meaning to write......and then my cousin sent me an e-mail and mentioned that she missed reading about the boys...That's when I realized an entire month had passed without publishing. So,once again, I'm here to do a quickish update post with a random montage of photos and videos. Hopefully someone is still reading this blog.

So what have we been up to? Well, we headed to the Dallas Zoo a couple more times. Once with Connie and the girls and again with the Alex & Connor's friend Lucas. We hung out in Midlothian, rode bikes, played at parks, celebrated Trevor's birthday, built a fire pit and made a great fire, played in the snow when it snowed again, played dress up, went to a friend's birthday party, worked out with Uncle Travis, played some more, went to lots of parks, rode bikes again, did lots of Valentines art, went to a Valentine's party, baked cookies, hit the museum, fed the ducks....and generally repeated as necessary. Here's our video re-cap for February, hope we won't be such slackers in March even though my constant companion camera is broken beyond repair and I haven't gotten a replacement yet.

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