Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Friends on El Hierro (Video)

Our friends, Eliza and Sergio, and their baby, Elliot, were recently transferred to the island of El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands. Of course that meant we HAD to go and visit them as soon as they got mostly settled in. On the first Friday of September, we took the ferry and spent just over a week with them hanging out and exploring their new home.

We hung out around the house, had a BBQ, played the Wii, cooked, ate, visited and explored some of the island. The highlights of our exploring include:

  • Ermita de los Reyes - the Ermita is a small whitewashed church and the main destination of the local Herreños pilgrimages. Here they keep the statue of the Virgen de los Reyes - the patron saint of the island. Every four years, in her honor, they hold the Bajada Virgen de los Reyes - a tradition that began in 1741.
  • El Sabinar - The juniper groves in the west of the island have enjoyed environmental protection since 1975 and they have a very special feature. Their twisted shapes have been formed over centuries by the force of the wind and the climatic conditions which predominate in this area. Alex & Connor just call them the "bendy trees."
  • The Eco-Museo Poblado de Guinea -This, one of the three oldest settlements on the island with caves and volcanic corridors showing the way of life of the first inhabitants of the island - Bimbaches, and evolution of the construction industry since the times of Conquesu until the XXth century. It also includes a Lagartario where we saw the famous and highly endangered Lagartos Gigantes - the giant lizards of El Hierro.
  • Faro de Orchilla - a lighthouse marking the westernmost point of Spain. In the II century A.D. the Greek cartographer Ptolemy considered this western end of the island as well as the end of the known world, and he used it as a reference point to cartography and geographical calculations. In 1634 this point was officially set as the Prime Meridian (Meridiano Cero). It was functioning there until 1884, when it was replaced by the new one, passing through Greenwich.
  • Roque de la Bonanza - Another of the island’s emblems, this is a beautiful arch that rises 200m straight from the sea bed.
  • Mirador de la Peña - A beautiful overlook and restaurant designed by the famous architect, César Manrique.
We had a great time with our friends and, as always, our time together flew by. Thanks for letting us visit your new little island home!! Enjoy the video!!


Amy said...

Looks like it was a nice trip! :)

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what Amy said!