Friday, August 20, 2010

We can do it!!!

One day, while my cousin was visiting, the boys decided that they didn't need to use floaties to swim anymore.

So, they took them off and just "jumped" right in. They already think they are expert swimmers...which they just might be by the end of the swimming season.

It's amazing how much they learn on their own from one day to the next. We are happy that they are SO comfortable in the water, but now we need to be even more careful with them when they are near the water.

Here's a short video of what they are up to:


Amy said...

Wow! They are doing great!! And so very comfortable with the water, such fishies!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow they have made noticable progress in the last few weeks! Go fishies! Kim

Cass 筱珊 said...

Yay - Connor and Alex are two little fishies! Lucas finally "remembered" how to swim in the water, too, so he has been asking to go to Grandma's pool and go into the water these days.