Sunday, May 2, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do (Video)

Last weekend we finally went to a place here in Tenerife called Monkey Park. I've been wanting to go since I first read about it almost 2 years ago, but we've just never really been motivated especially since we have season passes to Loro Parque.

For whatever reason, we decided last Saturday was the day. It wasn't the easiest place to find, and it was a bit run down (which we were expecting), but we had a really nice time.

It's a small park with several monkey/animal encounter areas. You can bring your own fruit or purchase snacks at the entrance to feed the animals. We brought our own apples and bananas, which weren't nearly as well received as the raisins a couple of tourists shared with the boys later in the day. The monkeys were pretty friendly with the adults, but were more cautious with the kids. The boys had a great time feeding and talking to the monkeys, and Connor even tried to teach them how to share their raisins.

The park had other monkeys in cages or behind glass, as well as several different types of birds, turtles and guinea pigs of all things. Like I said, it was a neat experience for the boys and we certainly had fun...but we hear Loro Parque just acquired a couple otters, so I think we'll be heading there next.

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