Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The rest of the trip...

Papa went back into the ER the Monday after my brothers headed back to Texas. It was also the first day of our last week in town. We wrestled with the idea of staying longer, but the airline would only permit us to lengthen our trip by one week...Since we had no idea how long Papa would be in the hospital, we decided to keep our original flight. We spent the last week hanging out around town, running errands, and packing, and I visited Papa whenever I could.

I suppose it was better that we didn't stay since he is still in the hospital and they predict he will be there until well after Christmas.

Our final week actually went by quickly, and, before we knew it, we were driving to Chicago to catch our flight back to Tenerife. Other than a slight delay out of Chicago, our trip was mostly uneventful. We spent our delay playing at the wonderful kids area sponsored by the Chicago Children's Museum and eating at the airport Chili's. Everyone slept on and off throughout the flight and we were in Madrid before we knew it.

In Madrid, a friend of mine, and fellow PAMOM member picked us up and took us to her place. The boys had a nice time playing with her girl/girl twins while the parents chatted and drank some US style ice tea. Lizette made a great lunch for all the kiddos and then we headed back to the airport for the final leg of our journey.

We arrived in Tenerife just a few hours, sound, and with all our luggage. Lela, Lelo, and uncle Arturo picked us up and took us back to our apartment which Lela had fixed up and stocked with food. Once we got settled back in, it almost felt as if we never left...

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