Friday, December 18, 2009

Puerto (Video)

It was some holiday here in Spain last week...I think the holiday actually fell on Tuesday, but everyone had a "puente" or bridge on Monday which made it a long 4 day holiday weekend. Jaime's brother invited us to go to Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz with him and his family on that Monday.

I guess everyone else on the island had the same idea because the place was PACKED!!! We saw the long lines from the full parking lot and decided to skip the park and just spend the day in Puerto. We went for a walk, played at the park, ate lunch overlooking the ocean, played at another park, enjoyed some ice cream, and then stopped by a little carnival they had in town. It wasn't the day we originally planned, but it was a really nice day just the same, and the boys were exhausted by the car ride home. 


Amy said...

Looks like fun! Love the video of Connor chasing the birds. My boys do the same thing to the ducks at the duck pond!

Canarybird said...

Hope you are having a lovely Christmas. Best wishes for the New Year! regards, Sharon.