Friday, June 19, 2009

Escape Artist

Lately naps in this house have been hit or miss. Some days the boys take a great nap, some days they only sleep 30 to 45 minutes, and other days they don't sleep at all...

We had a not sleeping at all day this past Wednesday. The boys were in their beds and in their room, but they were chatting, crying, giggling, and throwing things out of their cribs to entertain themselves and each other. After about an hour or so, Daddy went in to check on them and found the light in the bedroom on and Connor standing outside of Alex's nice!!

We knew he had the ability to climb out of his crib, but this was the first day he actually did it. He and his teddy bear sauntered right past daddy, straight through the living room, and into the kitchen to find some food, and that was pretty much the end of nap time.

We also know that Alex can climb out if he wants to, but he hasn't decided to follow his brothers lead just yet. We are SO NOT ready to move the boys to toddler beds, and they certainly are not ready either. So, we decided to take the wait and see approach.

Thursday came and went with a fantastically long nap and everyone remaining right where they belonged. Then Friday morning.....

It started out pretty normal. We awoke to the sound of the boys chatting and giggling in their room, we went to get them up and ready for the day, and that's when we saw this:

Connor had climbed out of his crib, across the dresser and into Alex's bed. We weren't sure how long he had been there, but it appeared that he even spent some time sleeping in his brothers cama. It was actually pretty cute.

Then, later, at nap time the first thing Connor did when we left the room was crawl right back over into Alex's bed. We put him back into his own crib, moved the dresser, and the boys proceeded to take a decent nap.

We rearranged their room a little bit to see if that would help the situation. We were hoping that, without the dresser, climbing out would somehow be less appealing... it didn't work. This morning Connor was right back in bed with Alex!!

Did I mention we are NOT ready for toddler beds??? Hopefully we can convince them that cribs are for sleeping, and not for climbing... at least for another 8 months or so. Keep your fingers crossed!!

"We feel free when we escape -
even if it be but from the frying pan into the fire."
~Eric Hoffer


Amy said...

Oh no!!!!!! I know it's not funny, but I LOL at Connor climbing out and then swinging with one arm on the dresser and one on the crib!

I'm hoping and praying for you that he will get it out of his system and they can remain in cribs for a little while longer!

Let me know how it's going!

glen said...

He is crafty! Luckily Alexa is not doing that yet and Shelby never tried. They do make a crib tent that is supposed to keep climbers in. I haven't used it personally, but friends have. Good luck!