Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears...

...and elephants, horses, acrobats, and clowns too!!! Oh my!!!

We went to the Grand Circo Mundial (The World Circus) this past weekend. It was a sort of "old fashion" three ring (okay one ring) circus that is touring Europe and is currently in Tenerife.

It was a homey, cozy, cute and slightly sad circus that everyone seemed to enjoy. It had almost all of the standard circus acts with animals, high wire antics, jugglers, clowns, acrobats, and the motorcycle cage.

The boys (mostly) sat through the first half, but got a little antsy and anxious during the second half. They seemed to enjoy the animal acts the best and the clowns the least. Maybe it was because they couldn't see them very well. We let them get up and "roam" the isles a bit dancing and playing with the other children, but, ultimately, we left a tiny bit early as the 2.5 hour show ran right through their snack and nap time. Although the Circus is a bit unfashioable these days and is a topic for debate, there is still something magical about it and I'm glad we went.

"I believe that the circus is a place where people can forget the headaches and heartaches of life. And all the other countries getting along together is part of the magic that is the circus." ~ Bello Knock

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