Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Because the boys have been home from school this week due to fever, and Jaime and I are still not feeling well, we weren't sure we would be able to do much to celebrate Jaime's birthday today...

We did manage to get out for a bit in the afternoon though. The morning was spent having breakfast, singing happy birthday, and hanging out around the house. Then the boys and I took Daddy out for BBQ ribs (one of his favorite foods) at Tony Roma's for a late lunch. I know, it seems strange that there would be a Tony Roma's here in Tenerife, but there are actually three. Two are in the FAR more touristy South of the island and one is in the city of Santa Cruz near us. Not sure why that franchise made it here, but we are glad it did. Other American chains we have near us are McDonald's (where aren't they these days?) and Burger King (, not!!) In the South, they also have a Hooter's and a Subway (not in a big hurry to visit either of those anytime soon).

Anyhow, lunch was great. Potato skins, ribs, cerveza, and coffee (decaf). We sat outside and enjoyed our food and the boys played with various items I brought along to keep them entertained.

Afterward, we let the boys wander around a bit to stretch their legs. One of the great things about them being so little is that they didn't need or want to go to this fun park...

Instead, they had loads of fun riding up and down the escalators...
(it was their first time)

We stopped by to say hello to Lela and Lelo for a bit and then it was time to head home and hit the hay. For four sickies, that was a pretty big and tiring day.

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

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ScriptioContinua said...

Happy birthday, Jaime! Sounds like a fun day. Hope everyone feels better really soon.

Best wishes,