Friday, April 24, 2009

Updates and lots of pictures

Really more of a hodge podge post on what's been going on here with us...

First, a paci update: I don't think the boys have any memory of ever being attached to the paci. As a matter of fact, after the initial falling asleep later and waking up earlier phase, the boys have settled into a nice sleeping pattern which includes mostly sleeping 12 hours all the way through the night almost every night. Woo Hoo!!! (okay, I hope I didn't just jinx things)

Second, the school/daycare update: The boys were getting better day by day with a little help from their teddy bears. As of yesterday they stopped crying when we pick them up and they also stayed the entire 3 hours. They still cry at drop off, but stop soon after we leave. Today they were filming at the daycare so they had to wear their uniforms AND go without the comfort of their furry friends... Alex asked for his "beir" once, and that was that. They cried at drop off, but not pick up, and stayed the entire time again. Monday's seem to be a little more problematic since they "fall out" of the routine over the weekend, but, overall, things are good. Woo!!! Hoo!!!

And finally, the what else have we been up to update: Not too much really. We lost internet and phone service for a couple days and it was a strange and very disconnected feeling. We thought about venturing out for a Wandering Wednesday, but we couldn't do our "research" without the internet. So, we went to Loro Parque again and had a great time. Otherwise, it's just been hanging out around the house or running errands (and, of course, taking pictures) Here are a few for your enjoyment...

Loro Parque

In a park full of animals, they LOVED the Rolly Polly best!

An accidental family photo:

Back at the casa...

A fall into the sandbox:

"Working" and playing:

Enjoying some yummy Banana Spinach popsicles on the patio:

Hey, brother, did you know your pants are falling down???
Nice crack!!


Amber Hellevig said...

Thank you for the regular fix of darling baby photos! I especially love how most (all?) of your pics don't have flash. I think glaring flash ruins most pictures, but I find myself using it to avoid blurry shots. What's your secret? What kind of camera do you have? Miss ya!! xoxo

Amy said...

Adorable! The backpacks and hats make them look so "grown up!" I'm glad that they are getting use to "school" - I bet that is sure nice for a little break!

Cynthia L Edwards said...

Are you shocked about the pacis? bet you thought that would never happen! Congrats on everything.

janieo said...

Spinach Popsicle...yuck!!!
I guess that's one way to get them to eat it, but yuck!!!

cassey said...

looooove the last picture! lol