Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We ended up deciding to host a "brunch" on Easter Sunday for some of the family. Jaime's mom and dad arrived first and then his sister and her two children arrived a bit later.

We all hung out on the patio and enjoyed yummy food (an Italian strata, spinach salad, and fruit with dip) and drinks (bellini's, iced cappuccino, and coffee) while the children played.

Afterward, we did an egg hunt for the older two children and then for the boys. Even the grown-ups had fun.

After eating too much candy, all the kids played games and colored for a bit until Alex and Connor started getting really cranky and it was suddenly nap time.

We said good-bye to our guests, all of us took a nap, and then we did the Easter "baskets" later in the day. It was a nice, relaxed, and enjoyable Easter Sunday.

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Amy said...

Cute! Love the bunny ears! The video cracked me up - Alex sure was good at listening to you and following directions! ;)