Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wandering Wednesday - III

This week's Wandering Wednesday took us back to El Teide. You may recall that we explored this National Park back in August, but we were unable to ride the Teleférico (cable car) because the lines were REALLY long. This time we went back to take that ride, and to see the last bits of snow on top of the dormant volcano.
Again, we headed up during nap time so the boys might sleep a bit on the way... no such luck, they barely slept 30 minutes and started to get hungry and cranky before we even arrived at our lunch stop. We had a nice break and a bit of food, and then continued onward.

It was a beautiful and sunny day with just a few scattered clouds, but it was still just a bit too hazy to be able to see the other islands from the top of Tenerife.

We drove directly to the Teleférico because the last ride left at 16.00h, and it was already 15.30h. We were four of the eight passengers on that last car up, and I think the boys really enjoyed the cable car ride.

All of the trails were closed due to ice, but we were allowed to explore the platform for about 30 minutes. The boys had fun going up and down stairs and trying to eat dirty snow. Poor Connor slipped on a patch of ice and scrapped his chin on the stone wall adding to the patchwork of bumps and bruises covering his face.

Everyone was getting tired when the tram operator called us back for the final ride down the mountain. It is such a wonderful vantage point from which to see the rugged and beautiful terrain of the National Park.

At the base of the Teleférico, we hung out and let the boys climb, run and explore a bit before taking the hour long drive back to Tabaiba. Of course we couldn't resist taking a few more photos on the way down.
The boys took a bit of a cat nap, and, as you might imagine, didn't really want to go to bed once we were home. Eventually they did and we called it another successful Wandering Wednesday.

"The poetry of the earth is never dead." ~John Keats

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