Sunday, August 31, 2008

We Survived the First Year!!

Wow!! It's hard to believe we have endured a whole year of torture.... and have survived to celebrate (and tell about)
their first birthday!!

When we think back to those first days... no sleep, feeding all the time, lucky to get a shower or time to brush our teeth, etc., etc., etc... Those days seem so long ago, yet, The Wondertwins have come quite a way in just a year. They are both walking, helping to feed themselves, and starting to talk
(baby talk, of course).

From little preemies:

To toddlers preparing to enjoy their 1st birthday cake:

The boys had a good day. They played, they napped, they had cake, they opened their presents and they played some more. In attendance were their cousins Sophia and Nicholas, their aunt Nuria, their uncle Luis, their Lela and Lelo, Jaime's God Mother and, of course, Mom and Dad.

At first, the boys weren't quite sure what to do with their cake. They looked at it, touched it cautiously, looked to each other for guidance... and then "dove" in!! They made a great mess and had a lot of fun. In the end, we had to hose them down to get them clean.

One year down... at least 25 more to go??
Wish us luck in year number 2!!


case said...

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY ALEX AND CONNOR!!! I can't believe it's already a year!

Dayna said...

Happiest 1st Birthday! WOW...a year has passed. So much has happened to have these little ones. Treasure this day and every day of wonder these boys bring.

Amy said...

Happy belated 1st Birthday Alex and Connor!!

Way to go making it through this first year, Trish and Jaime! :)

Cassandra said...

Happy 1st birthday!!!!! Couldn't wait for you guys to come to Dallas so we can give you two big kisses! Congratulations on surviving the first year, Mom and Dad! It can only get easier from this point, right?! ^_^

ScriptioContinua said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WONDER TWINS! You are looking so grown up!