Monday, August 4, 2008

Pools, Paella, and Parks

When we bought the pit balls, we also bought a small swimming pool to put them in. We haven't combined the two toys yet because we are "saving" that idea for another day, but we did blow up the pool. First the boys just played in it empty and had lots of fun.

Then, we took it upstairs by the big pool and let the attached "sprinkler" run. It's the first time they have been in a pool where they could touch the ground, and they spent most of the time trying to crawl out. Overall, they seemed to like it.

On Saturday, Jaime's mom held a luncheon for some visiting cousins. Lots of family attended and a nice time was had by all. We had tortilla espanola, papas arrugadas, gazpacho, paella, and flan. here is a picture of the paella:

Yesterday evening, we took the boys for a walk in the main park in Santa Cruz, the GarcĂ­a Sanabria Park. Connor enjoyed walking around everywhere, while Alex pushed the stroller a bit and then preferred to hang out barefoot in the grass with daddy. They both got quite dirty along the bamboo shaded path back to the car. It was an excellent way to tire them out.


Amy said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!

cassey said...

Oh my...