Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My mother went to and graduated from beautician school when she was just a young mom. She never "practiced" professionally, but she did practice a lot on my two brothers and me... sometimes with some very "interesting" results which are immortalized in a few of our school photos.

Over the years she taught me a couple of the basic principals, and I have been known to cut hair every now and then. It usually takes me forever and it's not something I particularly enjoy or don't enjoy, but Alex was starting to look a bit shaggy, so I thought I'd give it a "go" once again.....

Yep, today the boys got their first haircuts, and overall they did really well. They were both pretty wiggly, but Alex was the most squirmy which shows in his results... It was actually kind of fun and I plan to try again next time they need a new "do" because, one day, they won't let me anymore.

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cassey said...

I need a close up of what you did to the boys' hair...LOL