Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Resistance was futile.....

Well, I suppose one can only resist starting a Blog for so long... especially with children. So, today we begin our story to document things for ourselves and to share with those who are interested.

A friend of mine who just started her blog said "I don't promise it will be interesting, but I do promise to post lots of cute pictures and maybe some video... " We can't promise our Blog will be interesting either nor can we promise lots of cute pictures or videos (we'll try our best), but we do promise to update our Blog as often as possible. We hope you find it somewhat entertaining at the least.

Another Bandwagon I jumped on today, was making my own baby food. I have been meaning/wanting to since the boys were born, but never really had the motivation. With Earth's Best and Whole Foods, it was always easier to just buy the prepared stuff.

Now that we are in Spain, I started making it more out of necessity than desire. Don't get me wrong, they have great prepared baby food here, but it's all either fruits or a combination of meats with veggies and such. I wasn't able to find a jar of just Peas or Squash or Sweet Potatoes. So, this morning, I dove into the realm of baby food making...I have to say, it was actually really fun and VERY easy. It's also quite inexpensive and I seem to have a ton of it now. Lot's of frozen little cubes to create endless combinations. Now we just have to see what the boys think of it.

I suppose we should end today's post before it becomes a book, but it seems somehow "naked" without a picture or two... So, here are a couple from yesterday. Let us know what you think of our new Blog!!!!

Here is Alex sucking on a washcloth, his new favorite thing... And Connor is learning how to be a Gardener


ScriptioContinua said...

Hi Trish - The blog is great idea - so glad you plunged! And I think the boys are even cuter in Spain, if that is possible.

Check out my map of world travels:


Amber said...

Oh my, something I didn't know about! I agree this is a great way to stay in touch with many people far away. Good luck with the baby food!

cassey said...

i'm a blogger too (! so...of course i love your blogging site...and i am looking forward to reading it and watching the boys grow...mmm homemade baby kinda remind me of kate from jon & kate plus 8...good luck!

Luc, Use the Force! said...

It's about time. Funny that I am about to start another blog site for Lucas in English and we might be neighbors soon. We miss you all and definitely looking forward to see all your postings and pictures!