Friday, June 13, 2008

Sometimes, it's the appliances....

I've always liked a nice refrigerator, but never REALLY appreciated one until now. Our apartment came with a cute, old unit that had to be turned up to the coldest setting to MAYBE keep things cold. That meant ice formed at the back and the things in the freezer were very frozen. It was mostly functional, but not great. So, Jaime and his Mom went out and purchased one a couple evenings ago, and they delivered it today. What a wonderful difference!!! Here are some pics of the old and new:

Another thing that was delivered today, was a dishwasher. The old one was pretty great, but the new one will "complain" less, and work while we sleep. We still have to wait for someone to come and install it, so we have to keep using the old one for a bit. Here is a picture of the old dishwasher:

Not much else today. We hung out at the apartment and did "house" stuff, enjoyed the patio a bit, had lunch upstairs with Jaime's parents, and then we ran a few errands.

Alex still does a sort of "Army" crawl, while Connor is working on walking. He practices standing without support and has taken a maximum of three steps. I tried to capture some video, but he wouldn't show off for the camera today. Alex did do some "crawling" for the camera though. One of Connor's favorite spots to hang out is the bathroom, he loves to play with the shower doors and sit on the wet shower floor... Alex likes to follow him to see what he's up to.

Connor in the shower:

Alex trying to eat what is probably lead paint:

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